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Our Process for Gathering Consumer Car Reviews

100's of unbiased consumers
Physical Hands On Comparisons
Reviews You Can Use
We invite 100 registered owners to our research facility where we've gathered all the models in their vehicle category.
The owners pour over, sit in, test out, and rate ~ 100 different items to help you decide what models are right for you to explore further.
Then, we statistically summarize all their ratings and comments into clear, meaningful reviews provided in detailed, side-by-side comparisons.

True Consumer Reviews is a company dedicated to revolutionizing online consumer vehicle reviews by providing consumer reviews that are:

  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive and detailed
  • Based on people looking at, getting in and evaluating all major vehicle models
  • Great for comparing how vehicles rate and why
  • Free of bogus reviews by retailers, corporate marketing departments and hired reviewers
  • Helpful in your vehicle shopping decision making process
  • Always free

The ‘secret sauce’ we use to do this is through the application of consumer research to objectively collect consumer input in-person. Our vehicle reviews are distilled from hundreds of consumers that we invite to participate in a hands-on vehicle comparison of all major models in product categories like compact sedans, sport coupes, midsize SUVs, midsize sedans and more!

This makes us different from other automotive consumer reviews that are collected online. Reviews collected online have no way of validating who the reviewers are. Even at their best, reviews collected online provide insight only about the model owned. They lack the objectivity provided when owners physically compare vehicle models to arrive at objective ratings.

So, take a test drive of our consumer reviews and let us know what you think!