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Which Midsize Sedan Appeals More to Women Than Men?

May 6th, 2013

2013 ford fusion consumer reviewsWe’ve all heard it before.  “Oh, she drives a _______?  Chick car!”  Or, “He bought a ________?  That is just such a guy car.”

Some vehicles acquire the general perception that they are more appealing to women or to men than others.  But are they?  To find out, we looked at the overall vehicle ratings from men and women from our recent 2013 Midsize Sedan consumer research study.  In this study, we gathered 285 midsize car owners at a secret site and had them pore over and rate 13 top-selling midsize car models on over 100 attributes.  What we found was that 11 of the 13 models tested rated pretty similarly for men and women.  However, we did find one model that women rate significantly higher than men, and one that men rate higher than women.

So, how good do you think you are at grasping a car’s gender persona?  See if you can pick out the midsize sedan from the list below that women rate higher, and the one men rate higher:

Male vs Female Car

Good luck.  The answers will appear tomorrow.  Meantime, select a vehicle category of interest to you and check out our unique approach to consumer reviews.  We’d love to hear what you think.