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Which is the Best Compact Sedan of the 5 New or Redesigned Models?

August 13th, 2011

With the launch of the all new 2011 Elantra, Cruze, and  Jetta, followed by the all new 2012 Focus and Civic, there may have never been a better time than now to buy a new, fuel efficient compact sedan.  But which is the best compact sedan?  There are a lot of “expert” reviews on these cars out there.  But, real people like you – compact sedan segment owners who carefully compared these 5 compact sedans along with 6 other competitors do not always agree with the experts.

In June, True Consumer Reviews conducted a back to back test with over 100 compact sedan owners conducting a detailed, hands-on evaluation of the major models.  So, what do the owners say? 

Jetta:   8th place overall of 11 vehicles tested.  They liked the new Jetta’s exterior style and roomy rear seat and trunk.  But they rated it down on interior appearance, controls, and storage, and front seat comfort rated the lowest in the set.

Focus:  5th place overall.  They liked the interior appearance of the Focus. But, they gave Focus low scores for interior storage and controls, trunk area, rear seat comfort, and price, which they felt was too high for the SFE trim tested.

Cruze:  4th place overall.  They liked Cruze’s exterior appearance, its interior appearance, materials, and controls, and rated its trunk above average.  But, they felt the price for the LT1 trim tested was a bit high.

Civic:  tied for 2nd place overall.  They liked Civic’s exterior and interior appearance, interior controls, and front seat comfort.  But, they did not like rear seat storage or lack of rear seat cupholders.

Elantra.  1st place overall.  The Elantra was the clear, runaway winner among compact sedan owners, taking the top score in every summary category except trunk area, where it rated second to Jetta.  Segment high fuel economy, the 2nd lowest comparably equipped price, and segment leading execution across many detailed attributes combined to give Elantra the top rating.

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