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What Model Do Prestige Luxury Sedan Owners Say is the Best for Carrying Adults and Larger Teens in the Rear Seat?

February 8th, 2012

Mercedes-Benz E350Last month we reported out on which entry luxury sedan had the best rear seat.  But, what about their larger, more expensive siblings, the prestige luxury sedans?  Again, most luxury sedans are roomy enough and quite comfortable in the front seat.  But, what about the rear seat?  For luxury sedan buyers who rarely carry adults or larger teens back there, rear seat room and comfort may not matter much.  But, for those who do, rear seat roominess and comfort can be a make or break decision.

We recently invited over 100 prestige luxury sedan owners to a test facility to conduct a detailed evaluation of 9 top-selling prestige luxury sedans.  One of the areas they evaluated was rear seat comfort and roominess, not just for their own model, but for all the competitive makes.  We had them do the shopping comparison for you, getting in and out of the rear seats of the 9 top selling models and rating them for comfort and roominess.  So, which models offer the most room and comfort for adults and larger teens in the rear seat?

Let’s start by saying which ones you may want to avoid if rear seat roominess and comfort weigh heavily in your purchase decision.  The best-selling BMW 5-Series rated below average for overall rear seat roominess and comfort, with luxury sedan owners rating its leg room, foot room, and rear seat comfort and support the lowest of the 9 sedans tested.  Ease of entry and exit were below average.  In addition to the BMW, the Audi A6, Cadillac CTS, Volvo S80, and Jaguar XF also rated below average for overall rear seat comfort and roominess.

So, what are the smart choices in this segment if seating adults in the rear seat is high in your list?  The Mercedes E-Class was the clear winner, rating best-in-class across all rear seat comfort and roominess measures, including ease of entry and exit, overall roominess, and rear seat comfort and support.  The lower priced Infiniti M37 and Lincoln MKS are also worth a look, with rear seat roominess and seat comfort scoring above the average for this segment.

To find out more about why these sedans rated the way they did for rear seat comfort and roominess, or to answer a host of other questions, simply click here and compare the sedans that interest you most.