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What is the Best Midsize Luxury SUV / Crossover?

September 15th, 2011

Since the introduction of the Lexus RX Crossover SUV in 1998, the midsize luxury SUV / Crossover category has exploded in sales and in the number of offerings from different luxury manufacturers.  But, what is the best model out there today?  There are a lot of reviews out there from self-proclaimed experts, and you can wade through consumer reviews from owners who know mostly just their own model.

We won’t trouble you with our opinion, or with the opinion of those other “experts”.  Instead, we invited over 100 midsize luxury SUV / crossover owners to conduct a detailed, hands-on comparison of the 16 best midsize SUVs and crossovers.  They rated over 100 attributes for each vehicle.  Then, we statistically summarized their ratings into a handy summary that gives you a quick, clear look at how each models fairs over a variety of attributes.  So, here is what over 100 owners of these vehicles found to be the best midsize SUV / Crossover.

2nd runner up:  Acura MDX. With its above average interior appearance, engine specifications, warranty, towing capacity, and value for the money, segment owners rate the MDX the highest of eight 3-row vehicles tested.  MDX’s only below average overall rating was for 3rd row seat comfort.

1st Runner Up:  Mercedes ML350. Segment owners rate the ML350 best-in-class for overall rear cargo, interior storage, and visibility.  Exterior appearance and rear seat comfort rate above average.  The ML350 received no below average overall ratings.

Winner:  Lexus RX350. Nearly 14 years and 3 generations after its first introduction, the Lexus RX350 still rules the Midsize Luxury SUV / Crossover roost in the eyes of segment owners.  They rate RX at the top of the heap for overall front and rear seat comfort and value for the money.  They rate RX above average for overall interior appearance, interior controls, and rear cargo.

Want to see more about the models on your shopping list?  Just click the SUV icon on the upper right of the home page, select Medium Luxury SUVs, and click on the models you want to compare.  Or, you can scroll down to pick an attribute you care about and we will show you the top three models for that attribute.  You won’t get our opinions, but you will get something you can’t find anywhere else:  the compiled ratings of over a hundred luxury midsize SUV and crossover owners who conducted detailed, hands-on comparisons across all major models