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What is the Best Midsize Sedan?

January 23rd, 2013

2013 Ford Fusion Consumer ReviewsSo, you’re looking for a midsize sedan.  Where do you start your search?  There are a lot of models out there.  Five of the best sellers – Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Malibu have all been redesigned in the last year.  Which of the new designs are most worth checking out?  Before you drive all over your local area visiting dealerships and test-driving various models, here is something that might help you hone down your search.

We invited over 100 midsize sedan owners to our research facility to conduct a detailed, hands-on comparison of the top 13 selling midsize sedans, including the recently launched 2013 Ford Fusion and 2013 Honda Accord.  The midsize sedan owners rated 100 attributes for each vehicle.  Then, we statistically summarized their ratings into a handy summary that gives you a quick, clear look at how each model measures up in all the major categories – exterior appearance, interior appearance, rear seat comfort and roominess, etc.  So, what did over 100 real owners – people like you – find to be the best midsize sedan when they compared them all?  Here is what consumers found in a back-to-back, hands-on comparison.

2nd runner up:

2013 VW Passat:  Redesigned for the 2012 model year, Passat is the top choice for those who need lots of room for adults or big teens in the rear seat, and lots of trunk room for their gear.  It claims top honors for rear seat comfort and roominess and trunk space.  Front seat comfort and roominess, interior appearance and interior controls score above average.  Midsize owners find few weaknesses, with only center console storage, side mirror controls, and warranty rating below average.

First runner up:  The following two sedans tied for second place with midsize owners:

2013 Honda Accord:  Redesigned for 2013, the Honda Accord receives the highest average score for exterior appearance and rates above average for interior appearance, interior controls, front seat roominess and comfort, rear seat environment, driver visibility, and value for the money.  Accord’s few weaknesses include seat material quality (LX cloth seat) and front door storage.

2013 Nissan Altima:  Also redesigned for 2013, the Nissan Altima rates above average for exterior appearance, interior appearance, interior controls, interior storage, front seat comfort, rear seat environment, trunk, and value for the money.  Altima’s sole below average rating is for warranty coverage.

And, the winner is…

2013 Ford Fusion:  While the redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion tied the new Altima and Accord for the highest average overall vehicle rating, a higher percentage of midsize owners say they strongly like Fusion than any other midsize sedan tested.  Fusion earns the top score for 5 summary categories – overall front seat comfort and roominess, interior storage, interior controls, driver visibility, and value for the money.  Exterior appearance, interior appearance, rear seat environment, and trunk all score above average.  Midsize owners judge Ford to have a definite winner on its hands in the new Fusion.

Want to learn more?  Find out how midsize sedan models rate in any of these areas. You’ll get something you cannot find anywhere else:  the compiled ratings of over a hundred midsize sedan owners who compared all the major models, hands-on.  Then, click on the rating symbols to get the photos and explanations behind the ratings.