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What is the Best Looking Midsize Sedan Interior?

January 30th, 2013

2013 Buick Regal Consumer ReviewsA previous article looked at the most attractive midsize sedans from an exterior styling perspective.  But what about the interior?  After all, most of the time you and your passengers spend interacting with your car is spent inside.  So, how do the 2013 midsize sedan interiors stack up?  The answers below will likely surprise you.

To find out, we invited over 100 midsize sedan owners to a secret location to conduct a detailed, hands-on comparison of the top 13 selling midsize sedans, including the recently launched 2013 Ford Fusion and 2013 Honda Accord.  The midsize sedan owners rated 100 attributes for each vehicle.  Then, we statistically summarized their ratings into a handy summary that gives you a quick, clear look at how each model measures up in all the major categories – including interior appearance.  So, which sedan did over 100 real owners find to have the best looking interior when they compared them all in a back-to-back, hands-on comparison?

2nd runner up: The following two sedans tied for third place for overall interior appearance with midsize owners:

2013 Chevrolet Malibu:  Redesigned a year ago for the 2013 model year, the new Malibu ties the new Accord for the 3rd highest rated interior.  Above average interior quality as well as the quality of the seat and other interior materials was a pleasant surprise to many midsize owners.  The appearance of Malibu’s seats, door panels, instrument panel and center console are seen as particularly attractive.

2013 Honda Accord:  The all-new 2013 Accord ties the Chevrolet Malibu for the 3rd highest rated interior.  Particularly appealing are Accord’s top-rated instrument panel and above average gauge cluster.  However, seats and seat material for the LX trim tested rate below average.

First runner up:  The following two sedans tied for second place for overall exterior appeal with midsize owners:

2013 Ford Fusion:  Redesigned for 2013, the recently launched Fusion had the top rated interior appearance among 11 sedans tested with cloth seats.  Fusion’s gauges and center console earn the top rating, and its overall interior quality, interior materials, instrument panel, seats, and door panels rate above average.

2013 VW Passat:  Last redesigned for the 2012 model year, the Passat is only available with leatherette or leather seats.  The leatherette equipped Passat SE we tested ties with the Buick Regal for the best looking seats and seat materials.  Passat also has the top-rated center instrument panel and above average overall interior quality, interior material quality, and center console appearance.

And, the winner is…

2013 Buick Regal:  Buick has positioned the Regal upscale of other midsize sedans, with the base Regal available only in leather trim.  Midsize owners rate Regal’s leather trimmed seats, steering wheel, and door panels best-in-class, together with its overall interior quality and interior materials.  Regal’s gauges, instrument panel, and center console score above average.  In fairness, the leather-equipped trim levels available with other midsize sedans in our test would also be expected to score higher for interior appearance.

Interior appearance and quality is an important attribute to many midsize sedan shoppers.  But roominess, comfort, and functionality are also critical.  Find out how midsize sedan models rate in any of these areas. You’ll get something you cannot find anywhere else:  the compiled ratings of over a hundred midsize sedan owners who compared all the major models, hands-on.  Then, simply click on the rating symbols to get the photos and explanations behind the ratings.