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Volvo S80: Consumer Car Reviews and Expert Opinions

September 24th, 2013

consumer car reviewsIn our prestige luxury sedan segment, our website visitors will find eight car options that appeal to the luxury lifestyle and are filled with plenty of extra gadgets to enhance an everyday drive. With these vehicles usually being accompanied with large price tags, there are frequently relentless claims from car creators that the driving experience in their particular automobile is unmatched by any competitor. Consumer car reviews and self-proclaimed car experts often echo sentiments regarding the Mercedes E350 and BMW 535i and report that the price tag truly is worth the high-quality experience drivers will enjoy should they purchase. But with the both of those prestige luxury sedans starting above $50,000, it’s understandable that many car buyers seek a less expensive option with comparable quality.

Another option in our prestige luxury sedan segment is the Volvo S80. Starting at about $40,000, it’s much more affordable for some car buyers. However, those seeking the luxury car experience must evaluate if the Volvo S80 meets all of their standards. To better understand how this prestige luxury sedan measures up to its competitors, let’s take a closer look at what our consumer car reviewers and car experts are saying:

What the experts had to say about the Volvo S80:

“Reviewers say the 2013 Volvo S80 lacks sporty performance, but offers comfortable seats and a functional, upscale interior,” U.S. News writes. “The 2013 Volvo S80 3.2 comes with a six-cylinder engine, which most reviewers say provides adequate, but unexciting power,” the article continues.

“The performance-oriented 300-hp, 3.0-liter turbocharged six in the all-wheel-drive T6 is an impressive powertrain that can move the S80 quickly; but even with it the S80′s just not that much fun to drive. Factor in a lack of steering feel, and the sense that you’re carrying a lot of heft, and this is a car that definitely feels more agreeable on the highway,” the Car Connection reports.

“The S80 has always been something of a wallflower, with the only excitement in its sheet metal being the way its taillights and the sides of the trunk flow down onto the shoulder lines that pass over the rear wheels,” Car and Driver states.

What our consumer car reviewers reported about the Volvo S80:

  • A rating of 3.5 out of 5 was given to this prestige luxury sedan, tying it with the Lincoln MKS for last place in this segment.
  • Though the rear seat comfort was given a Below Average rating, reviewers stated that there was ample head room. Unfortunately, the center arm rest wasn’t tall enough as a result of the cup holders’ space.
  • The look of the gear shift is too plain and appears to be made from cheap materials. Additionally, it’s difficult to clean.
  • The exterior appearance lacks a sporty appeal and was too plain overall.
  • As the lowest priced prestige luxury sedan, this vehicle was ranked Average for value for the money.
  • The adjustability and stability of the rear cup holders were well liked.

Standard features on the Volvo S80:

  • Tinted windows
  • Illuminated lockable glove box
  • Materials tested for contact allergies
  • Exterior is 85% recyclable
  • Energy-absorbing interior
  • Volvo on-call roadside assistance
  • Front wheel drive
  • car shopping3.2 six-cylinder engine

Optional package upgrades available on the Volvo S80:

Climate Package: Heated front seats, heated windshield washer nozzles, heated rear seats, interior air quality system, heated steering wheel and heated windshield.

Technology Package: Collision warning and pedestrian detection with full auto brake, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, distance alert, active high beams and road sign information.

Blind Spot Information: Blind spot information system and power retractable door mirrors.

Active Dual Xenon Headlights: Active dual Xenon headlights and headlight washers.

Want to learn more about the Volvo S80? Be sure to stop by our page on the Volvo S80 with detailed grades for nine different categories. Are you in the market for a prestige luxury sedan? Use our comparison tool to evaluate a variety of aspects for several vehicle options.