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Volkswagen CC Consumer Reviews by True Consumer Reviews

January 4th, 2012

Volkswagen positioned its all new 2012 Volkswagen CC as a sporty, luxurious midsize sedan priced above most midsize sedans but below entry luxury sedans like Acura TSX.  To find out how it fares with midsize sedan owners, we invited over 100 of them to conduct a detailed evaluation of the CC alongside 12 other competitive models.

Segment owners rated the CC above average for exterior appearance on the strength of its coupe-like side view profile with rakish rear glass, and of its refined exterior trim details.  Interior appearance and controls rated average, despite high ratings for the quality of its seat material and the appearance of the center instrument panel area and gear shift.  Overall quality of interior materials rates just average, and some segment owners found the speedometer hard to read with its smaller fonts and crowded 10 MPH speedometer increments.

In the front seat, some drivers find themselves feeling cramped with CC’s tight head and shoulder room, which ranks lowest of the 13 vehicles we tested.  The range of steering wheel adjustment and ease of front seat entry and exit also score below average.  Rear seat passengers also find it hard to enter and exit the vehicle because of the low roof and chair height.   A unique center storage console provides above average rear seat storage, but at the price of limiting rear seating to two passengers.  Overall, of 87 total ratings, CC received 12 above average and 40 that were below average, rating below average overall.  Nevertheless, some segment owners viewed the CC as in a higher class than the other midsize sedans in the study.   For smaller shoppers less troubled by its tighter accommodations, and for those looking for a less family-functional but sportier and more personal midsize sedan, the CC may provide an interesting possibility.

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