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Top 5 Cars for Women

May 16th, 2013

When females are thinking about buying a car, what are they thinking about? Most dealerships understand that each gender takes note of different aspects of cars. This increases the popularity of some cars for women. This isn’t to say that when males are buying a car that they wouldn’t consider those vehicles, however. It’s simply stating that women tend to prefer those cars more frequently.

According to CNN, “85 percent of all vehicle sales decisions are influenced by women with women buying 45 percent of all vehicles.” Whether the female has a family or is single, some standard factors are considered while buying a car.

Three Features Necessary in Cars for Women:

  • Enough storage space; this might be used for groceries, children accessories, vacation luggage, etc. When buying a car, females tend to note how much stuff will fit in it.
  • Enjoyable driving experience. Though this holds true no matter what gender we are considering, women tend to pay closer attention to the comfort of seating, level of the steering wheel and easiness of changing side mirrors and other settings while operating the car.
  • Safety features. Again, both genders take note of this but women buying a car tend to ask more questions about safety ratings and do further research than is offered by dealerships.

When considering the three features above and combining research from other sources, we’ve constructed a list of five cars for women.

Honda Fit: Found in our small 5-door hatchback category, this vehicle earned best in segment for cargo area, visibility and interior buying a carstorage. This made is a standout choice for females buying a car. The She’s model of the Honda Fit was actually designed and marketed exclusively for women, according to Yahoo Autos. Our testers loved most features of this car, but they were not impressed with the exterior appearance of it, stating that it had a “plain look with few details to add visual interest.”

Nissan Sentra: Getting an ‘average’ rating from our consumers on interior controls, storage and rear seat comfort, this is a popular vehicle for women because of the front seat comfort and fuel economy. The Nissan Sentra gets an estimated 27 mpg while city driving and 34 mpg on the highway. The center console provides desirable storage; however, the door panels and glove box seemed a bit small to our testers. Overall, this makes a good family car or can be enjoyed by a single gal.

BMW 328i: Women looking into buying a car with a more luxurious price tag can find what they’re looking for in the BMW 328i. With a MSRP of $36,850, the BMW 328i was ranked Best in Segment for exterior appearance, power and acceleration, highway speed handling, ride and engine sound. Our testers loved the style of this car, stating it had a “feeling of quality and attention to detail.” The low vibration over rough roads made driving this car enjoyable for our tester. Additionally, testers noted that the quietness of the driving experience added to the luxury of the BMW 328i.

Mercedes C250: Located in the Compact Luxury Sedan alongside the BMW 328i, the Mercedes C250 is another of one of our popular cars for women. This vehicle tied with the BMW 328i for best exterior appearance, and an above average rating was given to this car for driver visibility, trunk area and value for the money. In addition to our female testers, this car has been noted by many other sources as one of the best cars for women. For example, HerHighway, a website dedicated to reviewing products with women’s needs in mind, stated the “Mercedes Benz C250 is beautiful, elegant and gracious on the road.” The details and quality of this car makes it a must consider for ladies buying a car. buying a car

Hyundai Sonata: Browse our midsize sedan segment and you’ll find the much-loved Hyundai Sontata. With few flaws, this is one of the more popular cars for women. A prized possession of this vehicle is the storage space including the front seat storage and trunk area; both of these features got an above average rating from our testers. When buying a car, women are very tactful in finding a deal, and this car has earned Best in Segment in value for the money. Our female testers loved this car because it met all of the must-haves. With enough space for an entire family but still encompassing a lot of style, we found the Hyundai Sonata to be an excellent choice for ladies buying a car.

Looking into buying a car and interested to find out which of these cars for women is a right fit for you? Start a comparison now! Though these cars are found in different segments, you can simply click on the individual cars for women and learn how our testers reviewed and graded each. Our comparison will give you an in-depth look at the features of each car and can help you make a decision when buying a car.