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Tips to Winterizing a Car

November 11th, 2013

Car maintenance In the colder winter months, weather conditions in many areas can become harsh.  For car owners preparing for the colder months, there are several things you should be checking on to ensure your vehicle is ready.  Extra car maintenance becomes even more important in those conditions.  Winterizing your car should be a top priority this time of year, as the weather can be unpredictable and even dangerous.

When winterizing a car, what you keep in the car is just as important as the car maintenance.  Keeping your car fully stocked with the essentials is imperative, and you’ll be glad you do when you find yourself in an inconvenient or dangerous situation.  Ice scrapers, snow brushes, salt and an emergency kit are crucial for properly winterizing a car.  It is likely that you’ll find yourself waking up early, at least once, to allow yourself time to clear off the inches of snow that will pile up overnight.

Some essential items when winterizing a car:

  • Using scrapers and brushes will be much easier and faster than hoping clear your car by hand.
  • In the case of a breakdown or accident, an emergency kit contains the items you need to make sure you can be seen and to get you back on the road.  A flashlight, flares and even an extra blanket can make an inconvenient and scary situation a bit more bearable.
  • Salt or kitty litter can provide traction if your vehicle happens to get stuck.

Car maintenance is key to winterizing a car, as well.  Making sure your fluids are topped off and your car care is up to date can save you many headaches during the winter season.  If you have a vehicle with four-wheel drive, make sure it’s working properly.  For many, this feature is a lifesaver.  To improve your grip on the road even further, consider an investment in snow tires, and make sure your tire pressure is in the appropriate range.  Another winter-friendly investment might be winter-designated wiper blades.  These will prevent snow from packing into the blade, making the cleaning the windshield much more efficient.  Make sure to also check your belts and hoses, as to prevent any difficulties that may arise and result in an immobile vehicle on the shoulder of the road.

When it comes to your windshield, you also want to keep your fluids filled.  With the salty roads, you’re sure to use your windshield wipers more than usual.  Keeping your fluids at a sufficient level may be one of the most important car maintenance components of winterizing a car.  You should make sure your antifreeze or coolant is kept at the necessary coolant to water ratio.  Your antifreeze should be able to cool to -30 degrees Fahrenheit before the risk of freezing becomes prevalent.Car maintenance

You can’t eliminate the chance of breaking down in winter weather, but by investing in the proper car maintenance to winterize your car, you can decrease your chances.

If you’re preparing for winter and considering getting a new vehicle to help with the snow, utilize our car comparison tool to see which vehicles have the best cargo area and interior storage ratings. You’ll need adequate storage space for the items that will help you get through the winter!