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Tips to Find a Perfect Car

June 13th, 2013

perfect carYou’ve been driving your beloved car for years now. Most of the parts are out of warranty, it has a lot of miles on it and the repair costs have just become a hassle. Finally you’ve decided – it’s time to start thinking about buying a new car.  You’ve been saving for months, tucking away a portion of your paycheck for the down payment. This isn’t a decision you’re taking lightly and rightfully so. Locating your perfect car can take a lot of time, patience and determination.

If you’re buying a new car, here are a few pointers for locating your perfect car:

Always keep your budget in mind. Determine and understand exactly how much you want and can spend when buying a car. Then, it’s important to only look at cars that fit into that price range. If you’re on a college budget, it’s unlikely that you can afford a prestige luxury sedan. It’s okay to dream momentarily, but be sure to come back to reality pretty quickly so you don’t miss out on your perfect car. Your dream car is something that you can work up to; there’s no need to waste your time looking at unaffordable automobiles. As you’re browsing for that perfect car, always keep your price range in mind. As the car salesperson is throwing figures at you as to how much you’ll be saving and all the fancy rebates he will offer you, continue concentrating on the bottom line and what you can afford.

Stick with the facts first. Nowadays, buying a new car can come with a slew of fancy features. It’s a wonder we even have to steer the automobile anymore! Try not to think about that too much. Understand the safety features, gas mileage, cost, consumer reviews, warranty and other important facts about the car before considering anything else.

Consult the Internet – and do it often. Technology has completely changed the game when buying a new car. It allows us to more easily locate and purchase the perfect car. For starters, our website can help you compare car possibilities before you even head to the dealership.  Additionally, you can quickly search what other dealerships are offering including pricing, discounts and added extras. If you think you’ve found the perfect car, make sure you check out a few sources on the Internet to ensure they agree with what the dealership told you and that it is a reasonable price.

Put your game face on.  If you think you’ve found the perfect car, don’t start screeching with excitement. Remain professional, smile and nod, and ask the appropriate questions. Displaying too much enthusiasm will let the salesperson know that you might be willing to pay more than an unenthused buyer. Additionally, if you’re buying a new car but aren’t that knowledgeable about certain things, ask educated questions. However, ensure that the salesperson knows you won’t believe just anything.

Take a friend with you. Taking someone with you while you’re buying a new car is helpful for a couple of reasons. First, buying a new car is an important decision in your life and you deserve some support throughout the process. It’s also more difficult for sales people to stretch the truth when there’s more than one person. Additionally, your friend or loved one might be more knowledgeable about buying a car and can help you in your decision-making process.

Will you be buying a new car in the near future? Start the process by checking out our comparison tool that allows you to examine consumer car reviews.