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Tips for Buying a New Car

September 10th, 2013

consumer car reviewWhen buying a new car, it can seem impossible to go into the process prepared. Even if you’re lucky enough to be a car buyer that knows exactly what you’re looking for, the task of locating the best deal from the most trust dealership can be a strenuous one. And let’s face it – most of us don’t have a precise idea of what vehicle we want to purchase, which only adds to the anxiety of buying a new car.

Fret not. It is possible to go through the car buying process and not completely stress yourself out. It’s something most of us will do only a dozen or so times in our lives, so it’s understand that you feel out of practice in the task of buying a new car. Take a look at our pointers to guide you through the experience:

Ask the right questions. Previously, we wrote a blog on what questions you should ask when buying a new car; take a gander at it to brainstorm things you’ll want to know about your big purchase. Make a list of things you want and need to know before heading to the dealership.

Use your negotiating power. Car salespeople anticipate haggling. They’re prepared for it and have a clear understanding of how much wiggle room is in the car’s price. Check out our earlier blog with negotiating tips when buying a car before heading out to the dealership. Put your game face on and do your best to get the best possible price.

Carefully look at the required fees. When buying a new car, the sticker price and ending cost can quickly become two entirely different numbers. This is especially true if you add extras like extended warranties and additional options. Make sure your contract spells out exactly what costs are involved and examine them carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

Don’t buy on emotion. It’s easy to get super excited about potentially buying a new car. First, don’t show that enthusiasm to the car salesperson. Second, let your logical side have some time to really think about it. Never make a  final decision while you’re in the test drive; it’s easy to let your emotions override logic at that point in the buying process. Consider all of the facts, which should include how much you enjoyed the test drive but not limited to that aspect.

Check out what others have to say. Completing a lot of research is a great way to save you some money when buying a new car. It’s important that you understand the difference in car ratings and which ones matter to you. Gather all of the facts and be the smartest shopper you can be.

Avoid the unnecessary extras. After you’ve committed to buying a car, the dealership may try to upsell you on a variety of dealership consumer car reviewservices. Things like fabric protection, window VIN etching and fabric protection may sound like appealing extras, but the costs can quickly add up and the services aren’t needed. VIN etching and fabric protection can be done at home for significantly less money than a dealership would charge. Additionally, rust proofing vehicles is something that occurs in the factory. For an extra layer of protection, car buyers can apply liquid wax.

Don’t say yes until it feels right. If you have any unanswered questions, uneasy feelings or are at all hesitant, don’t make the commitment. Buying a new car is a huge decision and it needs to be one that you’ll be comfortable with long term. Hesitating on making a deal can even convince the car salesperson to give you additional discounts that they didn’t originally offer.

Buying a new car? Stop by our comparison tool first to evaluate which vehicle option is right for your lifestyle. We’ve compiled consumer reviews in an easy-to-understand format that allows you to better examine the features of automobiles in an array of segments. Check it out!