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Things to Know About the 2013 Mercedes C250

June 3rd, 2013

2013-Mercedes-C250We’re always on the lookout for high-quality automobiles, and it’s an exciting experience when our consumer car review panel comes back with great things to say about a particular car. Found in the compact luxury sedan segment, the Mercedes C250 was rated 4 out of 5 by testers in our consumer car review. The Mercedes C250 was ranked best in class for six categories in our grading, and it came in second for top overall in the compact luxury sedan segment. But what makes this car superior to other compact luxury sedans?

Now required by federal law, antilock brakes, traction control and an electronic stability system. Frontal, side-impact and side curtain airbags come standard in the 2013 Mercedes C250. But this compact luxury sedan goes far beyond safety features and includes an array of features that our testers reported as attractive elements.

In addition to our consumer car review, we’ve taken a quick gander at other reviews to compare what some car experts had to say. When buying a new compact luxury sedan, it’s important to get a well-rounded perspective on what others have to say. And though we think that the information obtained in a consumer car review can offer true, unbiased opinions, we find it interesting to hear what experts report after test driving vehicles.

“While Mercedes-Benz is mostly associated with providing high-priced cars to the rich and ultra-rich, the company also has a series of coupes and sedans built to the same high-quality standards but wearing a 5-digit price tag. Offering younger buyers a way into the Mercedes-Benz fold is the C250…,” a Kelley Blue Book editor wrote.

Features that stood out in the 2013 Mercedes C250 in our consumer car review:consumer car review

  • Exterior Appearance
  • Smooth Ride
  • Quiet engine sound
  • Interior quietness
  • Interior controls
  • Brake performance

This car truly lives up to the classification of luxury. If you are looking to purchase a new compact luxury sedan, the 2013 Mercedes C250 is definitely worth checking out. Comparable ratings were also given to the BMW 328i in this category. Take a moment to compare the two, and find out which compact luxury sedan is right for you.