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Sedans are available in a wide range of sizes and prices, with many features.  Currently, True Consumer Reviews has reviews for the two biggest sedan segments, Compact and Midsize Sedans, covering 30 of the most popular models in the US.  The segment you choose will depend on how much room and content you want, and how much you are willing to spend.

Compact Sedans: A hot segment in the face of rising fuel prices, with five new top-selling models launched or redesigned in the last year.  Compact sedans typically range from $15-20,000, popularly equipped.  They generally afford tight accommodation for 3 passengers across the rear seat, with some providing more adult leg room than others.  Most are sold with 4 cylinders, getting city fuel economies in the mid to high 20s, and highway fuel economies in the mid to upper 30s.  Popular models include the Honda Civic and Ford Focus, both recently launching redesigned 2012 models.

Midsize Sedans: Typically range from $18,000-25,000, popularly equipped.  Most will accommodate 3 adults across in the rear seat in reasonable comfort.  Though V6s are available, most are sold with 4 cylinder engines, getting city fuel economies in the low 20s and highway fuel economies in the high 20s to low 30s.  Popular models include the Toyota Camry and Chevrolet Malibu.

Sedan Shopping Made Easy (Finally):

We invited over a hundred real owners in each segment to come to our research facility to pour over each of the models, rating over 85 separate attributes.  They already did the shopping for you, allowing you to narrow your search without driving all over town to visit different dealerships in order to find out which models best meet your needs.  We’ve statistically distilled their ratings into an easy to navigate format that shows you only meaningful differences between vehicles.  No more slogging through all the irrelevant banter in most consumer review websites.  You cut straight to the details that interest you, avoiding all the ones that don’t.  No more one-sided assessments from owners who know only their own model.  And, no more bogus reviews from auto dealers or members of a manufacturer’s marketing department.

So, let’s get started!:

To view our sedan consumer reviews, simply click on the sedan category, choose a segment, and select the models you want to review.   Or, select “view top models by attribute” and let our website show you which models score highest overall, or which ones score highest for a particular attribute you are interested in, like interior appearance, or rear seat comfort.

Once you’ve selected your models, take a look at how over 100 real consumers like you rate each model after they conducted a detailed hands on comparison of competitive models.  Then, simply click on the ratings symbols to see why a model rated the way it did in a particular area.  Find out what consumers liked, and what they did not like.  Or, click the vehicle picture at the top of the rating comparisons to get a quick overview for that model.  It’s easy, and we think you’ll find it gives you more of the information you’re looking for, faster and more accurately, than any other consumer review website out there.