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Seasonal Car Maintenance for Your Car

October 1st, 2013

tire pressureAs the seasonal changes occur, it should be a reminder for car owners to ensure all of their car maintenance is up to date. Staying on top of your car maintenance can elongate the life of your vehicle, aid in creating a more enjoyable driving experience and help keep you safe from unnecessary accidents. Overall, regular car maintenance can save you money both long and short term. For car owners living in states preparing for the colder months, there are several things you should be checking on to ensure your vehicle is ready.

Car maintenance tips to help you keep a happy, healthy automobile:

Check your tire pressure. This isn’t something that should only be conducted during the fall months. Regularly checking your tires’ pressure can save on gas and length the life of your tires. As the temperature cools, tire pressure automatically decreases. Thus, even if you’ve maintained the right pressure throughout the warm months, it’s essential to check it as the temperature changes. Low tire pressure will result in the tire wearing out more quickly.

Fill the antifreeze. Be sure your antifreeze is topped off. Keeping antifreeze in your automobile will help ensure the water in your radiator and engine doesn’t freeze in the cold months. Allowing this water to freeze can cause costly damages.

Replace air filter. If you haven’t gotten a new air filter in some time, now would be a good time to check it. The life of your air filter varies, depending on where you’re typically driving. Driving on roads with more grim and gravel will shorten the life of your air filter.

Check your spare tire. You never know when you’ll need your spare tire, and the chances of this increases in the winter months. Double check that you actually have a spare tire in your vehicle and be sure that it’s properly inflated.

Get new wipers. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence recommends car owners purchase new wipers each fall because of the increased use in the coming months.  This is a small car maintenance cost that can have a big difference on the safety and overall driving experience.

Find a good ice scraper. This isn’t necessarily car maintenance, but it’s an essential part of winter driving that some folks forget about until the first snow fall has them dusting their vehicle with a random object. Having a quality ice scraper can lessen the time it takes to clear snow and ice from your vehicle, increase the safety of your driving experience and is designed to not scratch your windshield. Whereas, using something like a CD can damage your automobile.

car battery checkCheck the battery. Older batteries don’t do well in cold months, potentially leaving you stranded and in need of a jump. Like much of your automobile, the car’s battery is subject to regular wear and needs to be tested to ensure it is fully functional. A typical car battery has a life of three to five years, so if yours is older than this – keep an eye on it and consider purchasing a new one before the winter months set in.

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