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Our Nissan Leaf Consumer Reviews Are In!

2012 seems to be the official year of the “green” vehicle.  Television commercials, magazines, and online ads abound as manufacturers promote their eco-friendly cars.  One of the vehicles reviewed by our panel of real consumers is the Nissan Leaf.  The Leaf is the first all-electric plug-in vehicle on the market since GM’s EV1, which was introduced in the late 1990s.  Right now, you can see plenty of expert reviews and a few reviews by Leaf owners.  But we are the only automotive consumer review website to invite over 100 owners interested in buying an alternative propulsion vehicle to conduct a detailed, hands-on evaluation and drive of the new Leaf alongside the Chevrolet Volt and 4 popular hybrids.  What do our Nissan Leaf consumer reviews reveal about this new vehicle?

From the outside, most reviewers found Leaf’s design unappealing.  In fact, of the six vehicles reviewed, the Leaf scored the lowest across ALL exterior appearance ratings.  From its perceived feminine appearance to the pentagram shape of its wheel hubs, many disliked the design elements.  Beyond exterior appearance, Leaf also earned below average ratings for rear cargo area, rear seat comfort, and vehicle storage.  Consumers expressed concern with Leaf’s range – its EPA rated 73 mile range left many worrying about being stranded.  Another problem was charge time.  Leaf’s 20 hours with 110 volts and 7 hours with 220 volts caused our test panel concern over whether they would have sufficient time to charge back up between trips.  Most felt they would need to purchase and install the 220 volt charging unit to make this vehicle practical for everyday use.

Despite these negatives, the Nissan Leaf did very well dynamically in the drive sessions.  Our consumer panel awarded the car best-in-class ratings for power and acceleration, handling and maneuverability, interior quietness, and brake performance.  Overall, consumers were pleasantly surprised at a plug-in electric with such lively performance.  Leaf received average ratings for front and rear seat comfort, interior appearance, interior controls, driver visibility and overall vehicle.

While True Consumer Reviews collected a lot of data from our Nissan Leaf consumer reviews, it is all presented in organized bullet points for buyers to easily understand.  No more relying on a narrow panel of experts, or sifting through the lengthy comments posted by hundreds of consumers on various boards across the internet.  All the information you need to make an informed decision is right here.  To read all of our Nissan Leaf consumer reviews, click here.