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Jeep Grand Cherokee Consumer SUV Reviews

October 11th, 2011

2012 Jeep Grand CherokeeJust because a vehicle includes the name “grand” in the title, doesn’t necessarily make it a winner.  You need some positive consumer reviews to back up this claim.  That is why True Consumer Reviews was created!  We invited over 100 owners for a detailed, hands-on evaluation and test drive of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.  In fact, we’re the only website out there to have consumer SUV reviews based on actual back-to-back comparisons.  So what do our Jeep Grand Cherokee consumer reviews reveal about this SUV?

The Grand Cherokee was the second highest rated of 18 medium-sized SUV and Crossover vehicles we tested.  And, among two-row vehicles rated, the Cherokee was the top pick.  What makes it so popular?  This SUV scored above average for exterior and interior appearance, interior controls, storage, outward visibility, and overall vehicle.  While there were a few average ratings for seat comfort (both front and rear) and cargo area, the Cherokee didn’t receive any below average ratings.  It also earned a “best in class” distinction for vehicle specifications due to its engine, transmission, and towing capacity.

While we collected a lot of data from our Jeep Grand Cherokee consumer reviews, organized bullet points distill the information so you can easily find and understand what you’re after.  Whether you are looking to buy or lease, doing your homework on such a major decision is important since you’ll be driving this vehicle for at least two years.  If you’re looking for Jeep Grand Cherokee consumer reviews, or reviews for other medium-sized SUVs, you’ve come to the right place.  Click here to start exploring the opinions of other segment owners who already compared them for you.  As always, this information is free, and doesn’t even require registration to obtain.