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Inside the Acura MDX

July 15th, 2013

looking-for-a-carWhen you’re car shopping for a luxury SUV, you don’t want a mediocre automobile. Spending a little extra money on your dream luxury SUV is something you should take seriously, and the features within that automobile should match its price tag. Surely the windshield wipers are a normal element to any vehicle, but the Acura MDX has taken this everyday feature to the next level. Though it’s quite possible that you were never bothered by the presence of your wipers, the enhanced visibility of the Acura MDX will show you how clear a windshield can be without them. When it’s not raining, the luxury SUV will actually tuck the wipers and washer nozzles out of sight. This is just one of the raved-about features in the Acura MDX.

Starting at just over $40,000, the Acura MDX is a luxury SUV that truly provides a truly enjoyable experience. Our test drivers rated it 3.8 out of 5 and rated it top overall automobile in our medium luxury SUV segment. If you’re looking for a car that will offer a high-quality driving performance, this vehicle is definitely worth checking out.

“The 2013 Acura MDX is a good choice for anyone looking for a seven-seat upscale crossover with lots of technology and good handling,” states U.S. News.

The standard Acura MDX comes with several enjoyable features, such as the hidden wipers during regular driving. When the wipers are activated, they also automatically turn on the vehicle’s headlights to assist with visibility. In some states, turning on your headlights during rain is required by law, so this feature is very handy. The key remote is also quite useful and can actually lower the luxury SUV’s windows and open the sunroof if you want, helping the car get cool more quickly on hot days. The standard model of the Acura MDX also comes with a multi-view rear camera that will aid in parallel parking, lining up a trailer hitch and backing up. These lavish standard features can make car shopping even more fun when you take the Acura MDX for a test drive and really brings the car ownership experience to the next level. In addition to a wide range of standard features, there are several available packages to add on if you are looking for a car with all possible gadgets and extras.

Our consumer car reviewers gave the Acura MDX an ‘Average’ rating for its exterior appearance, interior controls, vehicle storage, visibility, rear cargo area as well as second row and front seating comfort.

The interior appearance of this luxury SUV, on the other hand, was rated ‘Above Average’ by our testers. If you’re looking for a car with modern, sleek inside, the Acura MDX is definitely an SUV to consider. The instrument panel has clean lines, and the lighting and readability of gears and controls is excellent looking-for-a-carquality. “Critics say the MDX’s cabin is upscale and well-built, with good material quality,” U.S. News writes.

The Acura MDX’s vehicle specifications were also well liked by testers, and these opinions have been echoed by many car experts. “Reviewers say that the MDX is relatively fun to drive, with composed, refined handling and plenty of power,” U.S. News writes. Our testers reported being impressed with the towing capacity, warranty, price, value for the money, engine and transmission. The only feature to get a ‘Below Average’ rating on this luxury SUV was its third row seating comfort.

Overall, this luxury SUV has tons of great qualities that give it a quality driving experience. If you’re car shopping and looking for a car to spoil you, be sure to check out our comparison tool to evaluate which medium luxury SUV is right for you.