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Honda CRV Consumer Reviews by True Consumer Reviews

November 23rd, 2011

Honda’s reputation for reliability and durability, coupled with low price helped make the CRV the second best-selling compact SUV in 2010.  But, despite being number two in sales, SUV owners ranked the CRV in the lower half when tested against 14 competitors.  So, what landed the SUV in the bottom half of its segment?

Looking at the Honda CRV’s exterior appearance, the ratings were less than satisfactory among compact SUV segment owners.  CRV’s large sloped windshield, low hood, and long vertical tail lights convey a small minivan look, which is not appealing to most segment owners.  CRV’s interior was also not well-liked, with its fold down hard plastic center console tray and IP-mounted gearshift that blocks the driver from easily accessing the climate controls or resting their hand.  Interior material quality was seen as below average, with many feeling the materials seem cheap.  Additionally, CRV’s front seat was seen as too firm, and the seat mounted arm rests as not very comfortable.  The rear seat was also viewed as too firm, and was seen as having tight head, shoulder and leg room.

On the plus side, CRV’s large cargo area ranked high for its ample space, large opening, and ease of opening and closing the lift gate.   Grab cups on both sides of the lift gate, along with a grab handle make closing particularly easy.

Overall, unappealing exterior and interior details, lack of seat comfort, and overall vehicle specifications landed the Honda CRV of the lower half of the vehicles tested.  If you’re looking for compact SUV consumer reviews for CRV or other models, you’ve come to the right place.   In addition to CRV, we have the Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Chevrolet Equinox, Hyundai Santa Fe, and other popular models.  We’re the only website out there to have consumer SUV reviews based on actual True Consumer Reviews by large numbers of owners.  Click here to start exploring the opinions we’ve gathered for you.