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True Consumer Reviews Offers REAL Ford Explorer Consumer Reviews!

September 24th, 2011

What is the number one midsize SUV?  Our Ford Explorer consumer reviews stood out from the 17 other vehicles that were reviewed and rated by 100 midsize SUV and crossover owners we invited to our research facility.  These people gave their honest opinions about what they liked and didn’t like for each vehicle.  With the Ford Explorer earning a best in segment rating for 7 of 11 summary attributes, it is no wonder it finished first.

Our consumers liked the exterior and interior appearance, comfortable front seats, roomy cargo area, ample amount of interior storage, and access to controls.  There were a few dislikes about this model such as understanding of the vehicle’s various gauges, ease of getting in and out of the third row seating, and outward visibility.  However, all of these factors still earned an above average rating.  In fact, the only category to get an average rating was vehicle specifications due to the warranty, price, and value for the money.

While True Consumer Reviews collected a lot of data for our Ford Explorer consumer reviews, it is all presented in organized bullet points for buyers to easily understand.  No more relying on a narrow panel of experts, or sifting through the lengthy comments posted by hundreds of consumers on various boards across the internet.  All the information you need to make an informed decision is right here.  To read all of our Ford Explorer consumer reviews, click here.