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True Consumer Reviews Launches Real Consumer Sedan Reviews and SUV Reviews

August 4th, 2011

An automobile is one of the largest purchases you will make.  Therefore, it is essential to have the necessary information to compare vehicles and select one that is right for you.  Unfortunately, quality sedan review and SUV review data isn’t easy to find.  There seem to be two extremes – sorting through hundreds of random customer comments on various websites, or finding ratings by a small panel of “experts” with little to no information as to why attributes received a particular score.

That is why we developed True Consumer Reviews.  After inviting 100 segment owners to come to our research facility to physically compare and evaluate all major models in that segment, we distil the information we gathered into ratings AND bullet points of the most frequent comments to deliver the best sedan reviews and SUV reviews out there.  No more online reviews posted by dealers, members of a manufacturer’s marketing department, or 12-year-olds who just read Dad’s Car & Driver (yes, this happens, more frequently than you might think).  Our reviews come from validated segment owners we meet face-to-face.  And, we present only meaningful differences between models – verified at the 90% confidence interval, for those geeky enough to remember back to their statistics class.

All of this information is presented in a well-organized fashion that allows you to easily understand the advantages and disadvantages of each model, and even compare different models.  It gets better – True Consumer Reviews offers all of our reviews are free for you to access, without even having to create an account! 

For our launch, we’ve focused on sedan reviews and SUV reviews.  Please share this website with your friends, family and social networks to help us reach our goal of expanding these consumer reviews to other vehicle segments!