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Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Family Car

July 3rd, 2013

family carsWhen maintaining a family car, it’s important to get the biggest bang for your buck. Because of their typically larger size, family cars can sometimes lack a valuable fuel economy. Though there are some family cars that have respectable MPG, such as the Ford Fusion, it’s best to ensure the automobile is running at its highest potential. The Ford Fusion makes for an affordable family car with 22MPG in the city and 34 for highway travel.  However, when compared to the smaller Ford Focus, even this example illustrates that the family car’s size decreases its fuel economy. The Focus drives at 28 MPG in city and 38 on the highway. There are steps that you can take to get the most out of your car’s fuel. These tricks can not only decrease your gas spending, but may also assist in creating a better overall driving experience.

Maintain your car’s interior cleanliness. Weighing your car down with interior junk decreases your fuel economy. If you have a trunk full of items that you won’t be using in the near future, it’s time to clean it out! It’s a simple step that can result in up to 2% saved on gas.

Drive safely. Aggressive driving is bad for a number of reasons, but it also decreases your gas mileage. Optimal speed for most cars is 55-60mph, and any speed above that will decrease your fuel economy. Maintaining a safe driving speed can decrease your gas costs by 2%.

Use cruise control. Moving at a consistent speed can ensure better gas mileage. When possible, utilize your cruise control option.

Check your gas cap. We’ve all done it – left the gas station and forgetting to put our gas cap back on. An unclosed gas cap will allows gas to evaporate. Additionally, broken caps will also do the same thing. So, make sure the cap is closed and fully functional.

family carsMaintain tire pressure. It’s easy to go a while without checking your tires, especially if they appear to be at a healthy pressure. However, low tire pressure can be a real gas killer. Before taking any trips in your family car, ensure that all tires are at the appropriate pressure. Additionally, it’s recommended that you check them every few weeks. Maintaining the recommended tire pressure can save you up to 3% on gas.

Get a tune up. Regular maintenance is essential for a variety of reasons. It’ll help the longevity of your vehicle, create a better driving experience and it will assist with your fuel economy. Check with the manufacturer’s manual to see what regular maintenance is recommended. Staying on top of it can save you as much as 4% on your gas costs.

Every family needs to save money whenever possible. Maintaining a happy, healthy car is very helpful in ensuring the best possible fuel economy. If you’re looking for your next family car, start a new car comparison today.