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Ford Focus Consumer Reviews by True Consumer Reviews

October 4th, 2011

2012 Ford Focus2012 marks the third generation of the Ford Focus, which in 2010 was the third best-selling compact sedan in the US.  But, just because a car was a best seller doesn’t necessarily mean it is the vehicle for you.  As with any larger purchase, a bit of homework and research is essential.  That is why True Consumer Reviews was created!  As the only automotive consumer review website to invite over 100 owners to conduct a detailed, hands-on evaluation and drive of the Focus, we have all the insights you need to make an informed decision.  So what do our Ford Focus consumer reviews reveal about this vehicle?

Our reviewers found fuel economy and interior appearance to be Focus’ major strengths.  Surprisingly, despite being such a popular seller, all of the other major categories received average or below average ratings.  Consumers were satisfied with the exterior appearance but marked the Focus below average for interior controls, vehicle storage, rear seat comfort, trunk area, and value for the money.

While we collected a lot of data from segment owners for our Ford Focus consumer reviews, it is all presented in organized bullet points for buyers to easily understand.  In addition to the high level overview ratings mentioned above, users can drill down to reveal specific opinions about each category.  Our consumers noticed all of the details.  For example, the trunk area received low marks because of the difficulty of loading and unloading, combined with the one-piece fold down rear seat which didn’t fold flat enough.

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