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Ford Escape Consumer Reviews by True Consumer Reviews

December 8th, 2011

The Ford Escape is among the top selling compact SUV/CUVs, selling on the strength of its low price, traditional rugged SUV looks, a strong Ford truck dealer network, and Ford’s image for tough trucks and for quality.  Consumers see the vehicle as looking like a smaller version of a tough, masculine SUV like the Ford Expedition.  It’s an image that, in a sea of me-too crossover SUVs, appeals to many.

So, how does Escape stack up with real consumers?  To find out, we invited over 100 compact SUV and CUV  owners to a test facility to conduct a rigorous evaluation of the Escape alongside 14 top competitors.

To start off, they loved Escape’s tough truck front face, with signature upright chrome grille, rating the front view of Escape best-in-class.  However, the side and rear rated only average, being seen as plain and conservative, with the door handles, side mirrors, wheels, and rocker moldings perceived as dull and cheap looking.

Looking at the interior, consumers find the Escape plain and dated, with cheap looking trim and materials.  They dislike its plain, blocky instrument panel with too many small buttons.  Consumers also find the front seats and center armrest less comfortable than most, feeling they are too hard.  In the rear, below average leg and foot room make Escape feel too tight, and consumers feel the three passenger backseat is better suited for two.  Small item storage was also below average, with segment owners disliking the small glove box and the small front cup holders that lack cup size flexibility.

Escape’s cargo space rated average, with segment owners feeling the sides come in to far, making the space seem narrow.  Passenger/cargo flexibility rated below average due to the complex 3-step process to fold the rear seats flat as well as to the fact that consumers perceived Escape’s cargo area with the seats folded to be smaller than competitors.

Overall, Escape rated in the bottom 3 of 15 vehicles tested.  It scored best-in-class for 2 of 87 attributes, above average for 6, and below average for 35.  So what do you think about the Ford Escape?  If you’re looking for Escape or other compact SUV consumer reviews, you’ve come to the right place.   In addition to Escape, we have the new Santa Fe, Terrain, CRV, Equinox and 10 other models.  We’re the only website out there to have consumer SUV reviews based on actual True Consumer Reviews by large numbers of owners. Click here to start exploring the opinions we’ve gathered for you.