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Five Reasons Why the Ford Fusion is a Good Family Car

June 18th, 2013

family carWhen browsing our midsize sedan segment, you will find 13 vehicle options, but what uses are each most desirable for? For consumers seeking a family car, the Ford Fusion deserves some extra attention during your buying process. As a top midsize car, the Fusion considers various elements that are desirable for transportation of the entire family.

At True Consumer Reviews, we hold consumer feedback in a high regard and believe that it’s essential to understand their insights before really starting the buying process. However, we also understand that some car buyers value what journalists and car experts have reported to be the top midsize car.

1. Our testers gave this midsize sedan a 3.9 out of 5, which resulted in a tie for top midsize car between the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord and Nissan Altima.

2. The 2013 Ford Fusion was ranked 2 out of 20 most affordable midsize sedans by U.S. News, with only the Ford Fusion Hybrid coming in higher. U.S. News stated that this car received this ranking because “it has the best combination of ownership costs and positive reviews in its class.” With a MSRP of $21,700, this midsize sedan is a must consider when looking for a family car. Our consumer testers ranked this automobile as Best in Segment for its Value for the Money. Every family is looking for new ways to save a few bucks. Purchasing a family car should not be based solely on your budget, and the Ford Fusion allows consumers to enjoy the driving experience they deserve while not breaking the bank.

3. Our consumer reviewers ranked this automobile as a top midsize car due to its Best in Segment for four categories in addition to its value family carfor the money, these include: Front Seat Comfort, Front Seat Storage, Driver Visibility and Interior Controls.

4. The Ford Fusion was one of KBB’s top ten Best Family Cars. “In addition to its eye-catching exterior, the Fusion stands out with a variety of powertrains that includes two hybrid options and a pair of turbocharged engines, plus available all-wheel-drive and enough tech features to make a geek swoon,” KBB.com reported about this midsize sedan.

5. The 2013 Ford Fusion is a great family car, because it did not receive a single Average or Below Average rating from our consumer reviewers. Everything about this car was ranked above average, offering an enjoyable, economical, safe ride for families.

Are you looking to purchase a midsize sedan for your next family car? Learn more about the Ford Fusion, start a new comparison and learn why it’s a top midsize car.