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Explore the Only Consumer Reviews of the Jaguar XF

February 10th, 2012

Pushing the Jaguar XF’s go-button subjects the driver to three sensations unique among the nine prestige luxury sedans we tested, two visual and one auditory.  Vent trim plates turn 180 degrees in unison to unveil climate vents, the jewel-like chrome shifter dial rises phantom-like from the center console, and the driver is immersed in the throaty purr emanating from its standard V8.

So, how did this feline fare when over 100 consumers gave it a thorough going over in a hands-on, back-to-back comparison against eight top selling prestige luxury sedans?  You can see all the details for yourself – start by clicking on the sedan picture in the upper right of our home page under “Start Your Comparison”.  Here are a few highlights:

Pretty Kitty:  XF rates in the top three sedans for exterior appearance, with prestige luxury owners finding it racy-looking and distinctive – its expensive looking chrome grille, sinister LED head lights, long hood proportion with sensuous shapes, sharply slopped rear roof, shark-like side gill vents, large oval dual exhaust tips, and leaping Jaguar logo all contributing to its sporty appeal.

Inner Beauty:  XF rates above average for interior appearance, with quality looking materials like its rich looking wood and metal trim, and its solid-looking, knurled, jewel-like pop up rotary shifter dial.  However, prestige luxury sedan owners find some XF interior elements disappointing, like its simple 2-gauge  instrument cluster and surprisingly plain steering wheel.

Practical Sacrifices:  XF’s highly bolstered sport seats draw mixed reviews, with some finding them very comfortable and supportive, and others feeling they’re too narrow, with the side bolsters pinching them.  Whether you like them may depend on the size of your frame.  One weakness is rear seat comfort and roominess, where XF’s tighter head, leg, and foot room draw below average ratings.  Another is XF’s trunk, which lacks a fold down or pass through feature and is seen as smaller than most.  Visibility was also sub-par, with our owner/evaluators rating both forward and rearward visibility below average.

So what do you think about the Jaguar XF?  If you’re looking for XF or other prestige luxury sedan consumer reviews, you’ve come to the right place.   In addition to XF, we have the BMW 535i, Mercedes E350, Infiniti M37, and 5 other models.  We’re the only website out there to have consumer sedan reviews based on actual direct comparisons of cars by hundreds of consumers.  And, we’re the only one to statistically summarize the reviews to give you a clear picture of what owners like you find to be the strengths and weaknesses of each model.  To get started comparing prestige luxury sedans, Click here.