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Compare Sedans with Our Real Consumer Reviews

August 18th, 2011

In order to compare sedans, you need information from people like you who use sedans to drive to work, pick up their kids, go on vacation, etc.  Historically, consumers needed to spend hours researching consumer review sites to obtain opinions, many of which weren’t even relevant.  True Consumer Reviews has done all of the work to easily allow you to compare sedans.  We asked 100 consumers who regularly drive sedans to provide their honest feedback, which we then organized into user friendly tables.

We currently have reviews for compact, hybrid/plug-in, and midsize sedans.  To allow you to compare these sedans, we cover the ten most important attributes we find consumers are interested in: exterior appearance, interior appearance, front seat comfort, rear seat comfort, trunk area, interior controls, vehicle storage, outward visibility, overall vehicle, and value for the money.

If you know what sedan models you want to compare, great!  But if you aren’t sure what you are after but know a particular attribute is important, you can select a category, then display the top performers for that particular attribute.

Let’s say you know you want a midsize sedan, not sure where to begin, but know that front seat comfort is one of the most important attributes to you.  After a few clicks, you’ll discover that the Nissan Altima has the best front seat comfort.  Click on the rating, and you’ll get the details of what people liked about this feature.

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