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Shopping for a Car — 3 Quality Cars Under $20K

When shopping for a car, most shoppers focus on finding a car that fits their personal needs and style. But, all to often, car shoppers face the common dilemma of finding a car that fits their desired criteria but is not within their budget. Having a budget, however, doesn’t mean that car consumers have to… Read More

$40,000+ Sedans to Look at

For many folks, budget can be the biggest concern when car shopping. It’s understandable that first- and second-time car buyers often cannot afford the car they necessarily want. Rather, they’re frequently forced to settle for a quality car that falls within their financial means. However, as we get more established in our adult lives and… Read More

Volvo S80: Consumer Car Reviews and Expert Opinions

In our prestige luxury sedan segment, our website visitors will find eight car options that appeal to the luxury lifestyle and are filled with plenty of extra gadgets to enhance an everyday drive. With these vehicles usually being accompanied with large price tags, there are frequently relentless claims from car creators that the driving experience… Read More

Assessing the 2013 Hyundai Sonata

“Despite the newer midsize sedan rivals that have hit the market, the 2013 Hyundai Sonata remains a top pick in a very competitive set,” Edmunds.com reports. It doesn’t always happen, but our consumer car reviewers agree with Edmunds on this one! The 2013 Hyundai Sonata ranked 3.7 out of 5 by our testers, ranking it… Read More

Driving the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu

When buying a new car, the midsize sedan segment can be one of the more difficult vehicle types to select from. Within our comparison tool, you will find thirteen midsize sedan options that our consumer testers have provided feedback on. One way car buyers brainstorm vehicle options is by observing the automobiles driving near you…. Read More

American Luxury Cars to Explore

In the market for your next vehicle and you’re looking for a high-end car to spoil you in style?  There are plenty of options to explore. Whether your budget is $30,000 or $60,000, there’s an American luxury car to fit your desires. American luxury cars come in a variety of sedan sizes as well as… Read More

4 Reasons to Love the 2013 VW Passat

Some cars are sleek, stylish and include all the luxurious additions we dream about in a vehicle. Unfortunately, most of those cars are beyond the average car buyer’s budget. Then there are the automobiles that fit nicely into our price range, but they lack the driving experience that most of us desire. If you’re buying… Read More

Five Reasons Why the Ford Fusion is a Good Family Car

When browsing our midsize sedan segment, you will find 13 vehicle options, but what uses are each most desirable for? For consumers seeking a family car, the Ford Fusion deserves some extra attention during your buying process. As a top midsize car, the Fusion considers various elements that are desirable for transportation of the entire… Read More

Top 5 Cars for Women

When females are thinking about buying a car, what are they thinking about? Most dealerships understand that each gender takes note of different aspects of cars. This increases the popularity of some cars for women. This isn’t to say that when males are buying a car that they wouldn’t consider those vehicles, however. It’s simply… Read More

Which Midsize Sedan Appeals More to Women Than Men?

We’ve all heard it before.  “Oh, she drives a _______?  Chick car!”  Or, “He bought a ________?  That is just such a guy car.” Some vehicles acquire the general perception that they are more appealing to women or to men than others.  But are they?  To find out, we looked at the overall vehicle ratings… Read More