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Consumer Car Reviews – A New Approach

What’s the big deal with consumer car reviews?  There are a lot of sources of information for the new car shopper out there – expert reviews, specifications, brochures, advertisements, dealers – and each can be important in its place.  But, the number one reason new car shoppers go online to gather information is to get… Read More

True Consumer Reviews Launches Real Consumer Sedan Reviews and SUV Reviews

An automobile is one of the largest purchases you will make.  Therefore, it is essential to have the necessary information to compare vehicles and select one that is right for you.  Unfortunately, quality sedan review and SUV review data isn’t easy to find.  There seem to be two extremes – sorting through hundreds of random… Read More

New Additions Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! Early this Fall, we’ll be adding: Compact Luxury Sedans, including the BMW 328 and Mercedes C250. Regular Sport Coupes, including the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang. Prestige Luxury Sedans, including the BMW 535i and Mercedes E350