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Best Seating Environment in the 3-Row SUV Options

October 25th, 2013

When purchasing a 3-row SUV, it’s usually because you have a large family or anticipate a lot of carpooling in your future. Anyone who has taken a road trip knows that seat comfort is vital, especially if your travels include several people. With the backseats filled with children shouting “are we there yet?” every half hour, it helps ease the pains of travel if the 3-row SUV has comfort that everyone can enjoy. We recently wrote a blog on the best SUV interior throughout all of the SUV segments, but today we’d like to concentrate specifically on the seating environment of our midsize 3-row SUV segment. Our consumer car reviews evaluate the comfort of all three seating areas in the 3-row SUV segment: front seat, second row and third-row seating.

3-Row SUVs with the best seating environment to add comfort to your driving experience:

consumer car reviewsIf your main concern when looking for a 3-row SUV is the seating comfort, the Buick Enclave is likely the best choice for you. With the 2014 model starting at $38,740, the Buick Enclave was well liked among our consumer car reviews, especially for its seating environment. The front seat and second-row seating environment were both ranked Best in Segment while the third-row seating environment was given an Above Average rating, giving this 3-row SUV the best overall seating experience.

Some favorable aspects that our consumer car reviews pointed out about the Buick Enclave:

  • Wide opening for the front seat, which allowed for easy entering and exiting of the vehicle
  • Quality seating material throughout the 3-row SUV
  • Seat provided good comfort and cushioning as well as adjustable lumbar support
  • Ample heat, leg and foot and shoulder room was available in all seating areas
  • Vents were well placed in relation to the seating location, which provided an enjoyable climate.

If you’d like to learn more about this 3-row SUV option, take a look at a previous blog we wrote about the Buick Enclave.

For those looking for a less expensive 3-row SUV choice, the Ford Explorer is also a great option. Not a single aspect of this vehicle was rated consumer car reviewsBelow Average, and our consumer car reviews indicated that its seating environment was second best out of the midsize 3-row SUV segment. With the 2014 Ford Explorer starting at $29,600, this automobile has become a popular option for families looking to fit everyone and not break the bank. The second-row seating environment tied with the Buick Enclave for Best in Class while the front seat comfort and third-row seating environment both received an Above Average rating from our consumer car reviews.

Some noteworthy aspects of the SUV interior in the Ford Explorer:

  • The leather materials used throughout the vehicle as well as the stitching are both high quality.
  • Seats have the perfect amount of cushion and lumbar support.
  • A downside noted by our consumer car reviews was that the two-step process of sliding the second-row seats to get in the back row was a bit difficult.
  • Leg, head and shoulder room were present in all seating areas of the vehicle.
  • Climate vents are well placed to offer an enjoyable experience for all car riders.

For more details on the Ford Explorer, take a look at our page filled with information from our consumer car reviewers.

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