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American Luxury Cars to Explore

July 1st, 2013

Cadillac CTSIn the market for your next vehicle and you’re looking for a high-end car to spoil you in style?  There are plenty of options to explore. Whether your budget is $30,000 or $60,000, there’s an American luxury car to fit your desires. American luxury cars come in a variety of sedan sizes as well as SUVs. Our consumer car reviews can provide an in-depth evaluation of how each compares to the others; however, we have selected four cars to take a closer look at.

Cadillac CTS: Found in our prestige luxury sedan segment, the Cadillac CTS has a MSRP of $39,095. The Cadillac website reads “The new standard of luxury ownership,” and most Cadillac owners would agree with this proclamation. Cadillac has become known for its American luxury cars. However, our consumer car review testers gave this vehicle 3.7 out of 5. An ‘average’ rating was given to the exterior appearance and interior appearance, interior controls and value for the money. Unfortunately, the consumer car review panel gave the Cadillac CTS a ‘below average’ rating for front seat comfort, visibility, rear seat comfort and interior storage. “It’s a top choice for an American-made luxury sedan, but it still lags import brand rivals in key areas,” Edmunds reported about the Cadillac CTS.

Audi Q7: Some car buyers are looking for a larger size automobile for their driving experience, and the Audi Q7 is a great SUV that fits right in with the luxury lifestyle. With a rating of 3.7 out of 5, this American luxury car is well liked by our testers as well as car experts. “The Audi Q7 is comfortable cruiser with a composed ride… The Q7’s cabin is well-liked by the automotive press,” U.S. News said. With a MSRP of $46,800, the Audi Q7 has extensive standard features including heated front seats, cruise control with coast, resume and accelerate features, garage door opener, rear sensors for parking assistance, and more. Exterior and interior appearance, rear cargo area, visibility and interior controls were ranked ‘above average’ by our consumer car review panel.

Lincoln MKZ: Car buyers can find this car in our compact luxury sedan segment. We recently wrote a blog examining the Lincoln MKZ in depth. With a rating of 3.7 out of 5, this American luxury car has gotten mixed reviews from both our consumer car review testers and car experts. The Lincoln MKZ is often compared to the Ford Fusion, with some critics determining that it simply is not worth its American luxury car price tag. However, there are notable features to this automobile. Winning ‘Best in Segment’ for Rear Seat Environment, Trunk Area and Front Seat Comfort, there’s no doubt that the Lincoln MKZ’s comfort meets all of your luxury needs in a car. The overall storage space of this vehicle was well liked by our consumer car review panel. Unfortunately, exterior appearance and highway speed handling got ‘below average’ ratings.

Mercedes E350:  Located in our prestige luxury sedan segment, this vehicle has all the attributes of an American luxury car. Starting at Mercedes E350$51,000, this luxury car brand offers an array of feature packages to make the Mercedes E350 even more impressive such as the driver assistance package with active blind spot, steering and active lane keeping assistance. The Mercedes E350 came in ‘best in segment’ overall and was rated 4.3. Features to receive ‘best in segment’ recognition from our consumer car review panelists include rear and front seat comfort, interior controls, trunk area, interior storage and visibility. “Balanced performance, an ultra-luxurious interior and great safety and reliability ratings make the 2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class a top choice among luxury cars,” U.S. News stated. If you’re in the market for an American luxury car, this one is definitely worth a second look.

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