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A Look at the Options for Best SUV Interior

October 8th, 2013

Each individual has specific wants when buying a new car. While some people may feel that fuel economy is the most important aspect in determining which vehicle to purchase, others may value the interior of the automobile more. Identifying the best SUV interior can be a challenge; however, because there are so many areas of the interior that matter.

Our consumer car reviewers shared their insights on four different SUV categories: compact SUV, 2-row midsize SUV, 3-row midsize SUV and medium luxury SUV. Let’s take a closer look at the best SUV interior for each body type, when combining the testers’ thoughts on each interior aspect.

And the winners for best SUV interior are…

best SUV interiorBuick Enclave: Found in our 3-row midsize SUV segment, this automobile received Best in Segment for numerous categories. Determining that the Buick Enclave had the best SUV interior took several elements into consideration: interior appearance, front seat comfort, cargo area, interior controls, front seat storage as well as second and third row seating comfort. The Buick Enclave received Best in Segment for all of these except third row seating environment, with an Above Average rating, and front seat storage, receiving an Average rating.

A few things people really liked about this SUV’s interior:

  • The interior detailing, such as wood and metal trim, adds to the overall quality.
  • Gauges are clear, attractive and easy to read.
  • The seats are comfortable and made of quality material.
  • Entering and exiting the SUV is easy from all seating rows.
  • Folding down the third row seats is simple.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: This SUV came in as the top overall vehicle within the 2-row midsize SUV segment, and our consumer car reviewers enjoyed most aspects of its interior. We consider the Jeep Grand Cherokee to have the best SUV interior for this segment because it received Above Average ratings for interior appearance, interior controls and vehicle storage. At the time of our tests, third row seating was not available. However, Jeep has since released an improved version that includes this. The Jeep Grand Cherokee received an Average rating for front seat comfort, second row seating comfort and rear cargo area. Note that not a single aspect of this SUV received a Below Average rating from our testers.

A couple notable aspects of this SUV’s interior space:

  • The seat appearance was ranked as the best of this segment, with high-quality leather and stitching.
  • The details in the front door panel were well liked, including wood trim and a chrome release handle.
  • Ample head room was found in both the front and rear seating areas.
  • Door locks and window controls are well placed.

Lexus GX460: This option actually came in fourth overall in the medium luxury SUV segment. However, the SUV’s interior was the top rated out of its competitors. Front seat comfort and interior controls received Best in Segment. Additionally, the interior appearance, second row seat comfort and third row seat comfort were given an Above Average rating by our testers. One complaint that our testers shared was that this vehicle lacked storage in the third row seating area, aside from a shallow cup holder. Additionally, storage behind the third row is lacking.

Things that we liked about the SUV’s interior:

  • The lighting on the gauges was seen as attractive and makes them easy to read.
  • The interior material found in the center console was liked by our testers.
  • The seat material was ranked as the best within this segment.
  • Great lumbar support is found within the seating.
  • Competitors lacked as much leg room.

best SUV interiorKia Sorento: Those looking for the best SUV interior but still hoping for a smaller automobile should test drive the Kia Sorento. Found in the compact SUV segment, testers reported to liking this vehicle the most among its competitors. Two areas that helped make this one of the options for best SUV interior include interior appearance and interior controls – both of which received Best in Segment ratings. Additionally, our testers gave an Above Average rating to the Kia Sorento’s front seat comfort, rear cargo area and vehicle storage. The rear seat comfort was the only aspect of this SUV to get only an Average rating.

Some features of this SUV’s interior that our testers enjoyed:

  • Design of the steering wheel
  • Look and feel of the sports jersey-like fabric
  • Design and materials used for the instrument panel
  • Wide size of the center console
  • Size of tailgate opening
  • Overall appearance of the sound and climate controls.

Are you looking for the best SUV interior but also want to take a deeper look at other aspects of the vehicles? Check out car comparisons side by side to help determine which vehicle is right for you! Simply determine which SUV size you’re interested in and find insights on several automobiles.