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A Closer Evaluation of the Mazda 2

December 3rd, 2013

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While car shopping, you don’t always have the opportunity to really “get under the hood” of a vehicle to see exactly what you’ll be getting out of your latest auto purchase. For many buyers, this can be frustrating, overwhelming and stressful. However, one of the best ways to combat these feelings is to see what past drivers have said or thought about the car of your choice – after all, they’ve been in your shoes and can give you an idea of what you can expect. Well, we’ve decided to go one step further in making your next auto buy easier. We’ve rounded up and summarized our consumer car reviews to give you an in-depth, tell-all look at how much bang for your buck you can get if you decide to purchase the Mazda 2.

What you need to know about the Mazda 2:

The Mazda 2’s greatest selling point is its sporty, sleek exterior appearance. In fact, among our reviewers, this ride ranked Best in Segment for its outer look in our small, 5-door hatchbacks section. Consumer car reviewers noted that they particularly liked the Mazda 2’s window shape, headlamps and rounded side profile. But, can this car’s looks be deceiving?


The Mazda 2 did receive an average rating from our reviewers for interior appearance, front-seat comfort and visibility. Testers highlighted that the Mazda 2’s large windshield, rear window and sloping hood all gave the car great visibility.  But, in many other regards, this car didn’t fare as well.

Among our consumer car reviewers, the Mazda 2 ranked below-average for rear-seat comfort, interior storage, cargo area, interior controls and value for the money. An entry that is hindered by an intrusive rear wheel well, tight head and shoulder room, low seats, a narrow cargo area and a smaller lift gate were among some of the dislikes that were listed by those who reviewed and tested this car.

And, while testers did enjoy the intuitively designed steering-wheel controls and conveniently placed side-mirror controls, they did not appreciate the small size and “cheap” look and feel of the air vents and knobs. Testers also flagged the fact that door lock controls were inconveniently located in the center consul and that auxiliary jacks were located near cup holders, making damage due to spills more probable.

So, is all of this worth the price tag that comes along with this set of wheels? Although the Mazda 2 is decently priced at $14,720 (for the sport) and boasts 29-35 MPGs, our reviewers seemed to think that it wasn’t. And, even though the Mazda 2 offered the fourth-highest comparably equipped price of the 8 small, 5-door hatchbacks that were tested, reviewers still felt that they didn’t get what they paid for out of this car. In fact, this ride placed last in our value for the money segment. car shopping

Our reviewers aren’t the only ones that felt that the Mazda 2 could have simply offered more. Auto writer Josh Jacquot echoed similar opinions as our testers in an article on Edmunds.com. “It’s not a class leader. It’s not the roomiest, it doesn’t have the nicest interior and it isn’t the most utilitarian subcompact sold in America,” he wrote in the article.

If you’re particularly looking for an edgier, well-designed exterior, then the Mazda 2 might be a car to look into. But, for the most part, if your goal is to find a comprehensive car that’s worth the money, you might want to move past the Mazda 2.

You can, however, get closer to finding a car that’s the “total package” by comparing multiple car features, prices and reviews using our comparison tool.