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5 Tips to Better Handle Car Dealerships When Looking for a Car

October 18th, 2013

buying a new car When it’s time to start thinking about buying a new car, some folks hide behind their computer screens as long as possible in order to avoid a car dealership. Why wouldn’t they? There’s plenty of great information found throughout the Internet that will help in looking for a car and car dealerships can be very intimidating places. Once your initial research is done, however, going to the dealership and taking a deeper dive in the process is essential. Car salespeople don’t exactly have the best reputation; many people envision them as money-hungry, scheming men who will do anything to sell automobiles. Really, though, most of them aren’t that bad. They do want to sell you a vehicle, but they also want to help you find the one that you’re comfortable driving away with.

Don’t let the sales process scare you. Yes, it’s a big purchase. However, it’s a manageable one. Follow these five tips and have a better handle on the car dealership experience when you’re looking for a new car:

Be prepared. Though your entire car buying process shouldn’t be spent at a computer, it’s a great place to start. Examine current promotional offers, cars available at various locations, pricing on vehicles at these location and reviews of cars that you’re considering. Our car comparison tool is a helpful resource that allows you to see unbiased consumer car reviews on an array of options.

Put your poker face on. Don’t lead with your emotion when talking to a car salesperson. Give them only the information you must, don’t get too excited during the test drive and keep a straight face even when they offer you an amazing deal. It’s a lot easier for a salesperson to sell you a car for more money when they know you’re very enthusiastic about it. It’s also easier for them to charge you more if they recognize that there’s some room in your budget to do so.

Dress appropriately. When you’re looking for a car, your wardrobe should reflect that you’re serious about the process. You want to dress nicely enough that the salesperson will take you seriously and take the time to show you the options and negotiate. However, you don’t want to dress so nicely that the salesperson thinks you’ll be buying a new car without budget limitations.

Understand financing options ahead of time. A lot of car buyers walk into the dealership and ask them for financing assistance. There are pros and cons to this method. A pro is that car dealerships generally have quick connections to multiple banks; this usually means they will check with several financers to see which one will give you the loan and do some, but not a lot, of work to locate the best interest rate. It can be an easy process for you, but it can be one that is more expensive than if you did the search on your own. When you realize it’s time that you’ll be buying a new car, start considering your finance options. The bank or credit union you use regularly may offer you good options because you’re already a member and have established a history with them. Alternatively, check rates online or call various financers to see what you can line up. You don’t need to finalize the loan, but it’s good to be aware of your finance options for buying a new car. As a part of this process, it’s essential to find out what your credit score is and exactly what your budget will be. When you select a car and begin the buying process with the car dealership, you can always ask them what the best interest rate available is but don’t let that be your only option.

Understand that No is always an option. This goes back to people hiding behind their computer screens until they absolutely have to face the car dealership. People often feel like when they’re looking for a car, the salesperson is going to magically convince them to buy the wrong vehicle. However, as long as you use some logic and common sense during the process, you should be fine. Buying a new car requires you to actually see the vehicle, drive it, touch it and really figure out if it’s the one for you. Don’t let the salesperson suck you in. Until your signature is actually on the paperwork, you can walk away at any point and seek other options. buying a new car

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