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About True Consumer Reviews

Who We Are

At True Consumer Reviews we are not product experts. We are a bunch of no name, geeky market research professionals with a very simple mission.

Power to the People

Our mission: To boldly go where no man has gone before, taking powerful, expensive consumer vehicle research that was the exclusive domain of big corporations, and placing it in the hands of consumers like you. All for no cost, ever.

The Big Idea

Transform online consumer vehicle reviews from the current tangled, hard to use messlaced with bogus posts to something much better. We use market research to serve up accurate, easy to use comparisons of product strengths and weaknesses. Our research is not from self-proclaimed car experts, but from hundreds of real automotive consumers – just like you.

The Result

Reliable vehicle reviews you can trust to get the details on all the major models, so you can focus your shopping on the models that best fit your specific needs.